Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Wanna Be Made

Dear MTV,

Am I too old to be Made? I know the show usually features high-schoolers who want to be transformed from tomboys to beauty queens or nerds to cheerleaders, but what would be so different about, say, 29-year-old magazine editor to helicopter pilot? Isn’t that almost (if not vastly more) entertaining? If you don’t like the helicopter thing, here are some other possibilities for my emotional journey:

1. Ballet Dancer
2. Pool Shark
3. Bull Rider
4. Rock Star Groupie

You know how to find me.

P.S. The bull riding option is inspired by my sister’s boyfriend Jim, who once engaged in the sport on a regular basis despite the constant risk of having his head kicked in. A recent Jim quote:

Emma: "So what are you getting Claire for Valentine’s Day?"
Jim: "I guess those damn sparkle shoes."

P.S. I’ve been putting off a copious amount of writing for at least two weeks now, and the deadline is tomorrow. (The extended deadline, that is.) I’m about to get started on it in just a few minutes, but first I really, really need to:

1. Individually remove dog hairs from my black coat
2. Play 3-4 songs on my flute
3. Post this blog
4. Watch a few more American Idol performances
5. Investigate the reasons for malfunction in a pair of speakers, one of which I dropped on the floor last week
6. Investigate the contents of gift bags from parties occurring up to 18 days ago
7. Adjust the lighting scheme in my living room
8. Check the hour-by-hour forecast on
9. Watch Dancing With the Stars (an hour setback!)
10. Floss