Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Your Mammy

For at least the past year (and possibly since childhood), I have found myself unable to discontinue use of the phrase "your mammy." (It is occasionally written as "yer mammy," though I prefer the more formal variation.) This phrase is constantly popping into my brain as a response to almost any item of conversation. For example:

Mom (with meaningful glance at brother lounging on sofa): I wish people would get off their butts and help me put away these dishes.
Me (gleefully): Your mammy wishes people would put away dishes!

Anonymous friend: I'm parched. Let's stop for Vitamin Waters.
Me: Your mammy needs a Vitamin Water!

Surprisingly, not everyone is amused by these exchanges, which often carry a slightly vulgar subtext.

Meanwhile, who agrees that the Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock breakup won't last? Those two are meant for each other. I saw them at a Derby party in 1999 and I could tell it was love.

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